Yes, this blog is rather new, but I’m not 😉 I’ve been running for the past couple of years and did the classical “There is more” approach.

What does this mean?

12 years ago, I started in my first race ever: It was the business run in vienna. Back then, completely out of shape, I did not see any point in doing such a stupid thing again and was happy I survived the sub 5k race without heartattack. This was my first medal ever from running (of course a participation medal, I won nothing!) and to this point I think this was the one which was hardest to get.

After this race, I paused for a two years until I was again pushed into another race by sheer peer-pressure. This time, I at least wanted to run a couple of k’s before the race to be prepared for what was about to happen. So I thought…

The race I’m talking about was the Vienna Night Run, again a 5 or sub 5k race (depends on who you ask…) and I again had the same issues as before. Completely out of shape and the 20m elevation gain was killing me: long, slight gain in elevation, hardly visible to the eye, but I felt every heartbeat and breath could be my last.

Again. only a 4 year break could bring me back into my running-shoes, which by the way were still the same, hardly used 😉

This time, I started again on the Vienna Night Run, again 5ish k: but this time something changed. I started to like it (to my sheer astonishment…) and it felt great!

Now the “is there more?” started to kick in and in the year after that I started my first half-marathon. From 5k to half-marathon is quite a jump, esp. if you only give yourself 6 month for it, but it worked out fine.

So the first Half-Marathon was again in Vienna, the Vienna City Marathon 2014 and I did it in 1:59:41. It was exhausting, but I was happy and more importantly: I got hooked.

Again after a few half-marathons, it was time to take on the “big one”: a full marathon…

I approached it as I knew worked quite well before: run alot and try not to be sick on race day. Thats exactly what I did and I finished my first marathon 2016, the Vienna City Marathon, in 3:27:27.

After the Vienna City Marathon 2017

After a marathon,, my first thought was: check, done: got this one off my bucketlist and won’t be doing this again.

I was wrong.

Another 2 marathons later I started something which changed my approach to running completely: I went off the streets and this was love at first sight…