The last year was something special. For me, for my family and actually for the whole world since we are still in the midst of a pandemic and the silver lining is still a few month away.

But I actually can’t complain too much: 2020 started with a blessing: I became father to a healthy little girl and due to the covid-situation I’m in homeoffice ever since.

The lockdown-restictions here were never that strict: I was able to get out running whenever I wanted: just not where I wanted. Group activities and races were all cancelled tough.

My priorities of course also shifted to my little girl: so I rather went for a stroll than go for a run: basically this is an excuse for gaining weight, drinking too much, getting lazy and sitting on my ass too much this last year.

There were also some minor health issues: I got a tooth removed and I’m still in preparation for getting a full implant to replace it. It’s quite annoying: you have one operation, then heal for 3 weeks, get a short timespan where you can actually go out running and then the next operation takes place. This cost me also quite some time which is now missing in my training.

Don’t get me wrong: I never stopped running, just not in the densitiy I used to. But this has to change now!

As I just decided to move this server from Azure to a selfhosted environment (yes, it’s a raspberry under my desk 😉 ), I also want to revive this blog a little bit. At least I try to!