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Another virtual run…

Last year most of the races got cancelled or virtualized. This year the situation does not seem to change much and I have to say: I don’t like that. Virtual races are not really comparable to real ones. Starting from… Continue Reading →

Last snow run for the season

I’m already ready for spring, but it seems spring is not ready yet. Hopefully this was my last run for this season on snow and ice: of course with snowchains.

Finally upping my VO2-Max again

After a year of neglect my VO2-Max is finally up in the low 50’s again. Feels good, but still a long way to go to my next ultra… I finally have to admit this year’s Mozart 100 will not be… Continue Reading →

Winter and Spring on the same hill

Time for snowchains

During the pandemic there is a new principle coming up: “No Risk, Just Fun!”. That’s why even if it might be runnable, I rather use my snowchains to minimize the risk of slipping/falling and hurting myself.

What a year… (or “What? One year?!”)

The last year was something special. For me, for my family and actually for the whole world since we are still in the midst of a pandemic and the silver lining is still a few month away. But I actually… Continue Reading →


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Afraid of Heights?

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Last Run of the Decade and Stats for 2019

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Coming back after beeing sick…

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