If the thermometer is rising above 29°C, it’s getting harder to do anything outside and it’s even getting more dangerous…

But what can you do to avoid taking unneccesairy risks and still have fun outside?

Drink alot!
This sounds obvious, but it’s hard to really monitor it and really drink enough. If you’re becoming thirsty it’s almost too late.

Avoid direct sun
Whenever there is a chance, do it like batman and stay in the shadows. If not, try to shield at least as much as possible from direct sunlight: especially your head!

Avoid log-runs and intense workouts
Be more flexible than your training plan: just don’t risk everything just to check your daily plan.

Plan ahead
If there is no way around, like if you really need to participate in a race, try to think ahead and take all supplements you can get. I know everybody is different here, but I have quite good experience with salt-pills and heat: this helps me refill the electrolytes which I just lost sweating.

Don’t forget sunscreen
Another point which sounds obvious, but I tend to not think about it before and regret it afterwards…